Is The Chive Safe For Work?

Someone found The Paul Gillespie Experience by searching for “is the chive safe for work“, so I felt obliged to answer that question because, heaven forbid, someone not come here and get their answers.

The short answer is “probably not“.

The longer answer is “yes, but only if you work in a place that’s cool with you visiting probably the best site in the world“.

They have cats.  Funny motivational posters.  Daily randomness.  WTF signs.  Photobombs.  Oh, yeah – and Chivettes. Tell me exactly how you would top that?  The answer is “you can’t”, so therefore it qualifies as “probably the best site in the world”…ergo, any workplace that’s not OK with it is, well, up to you to gauge the value of.

To be clear, the women are clothed…as in “no nudity”  Sure, sometimes there are just enough clothes on to keep it outside the realm of Playboy, but technically that’s still clothed.

I actually ran across it after seeing some of the motivational posters and literally laughing out loud.  Some are completely inappropriate, some are irreverent, but some are absolutely freaking hilarious.  Well worth a few minutes of your week.

Now, with all that being said…I don’t actually check The Chive at work – not sure my employer would necessarily appreciate me spending any of the limited bandwidth we have at the office on a site that’s as remotely cool as The Chive is.

(post image courtesy of The Chive – who else???)

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