It Strikes Again

Cure CancerI found out on Sunday night that a buddy of mine was diagnosed with cancer.

Now, on the positive side of that coin the diagnosis was just an initial one and he’s headed for a second opinion at a medical center that’s better known for things like that, so it could very well be a missed diagnosis initially and it’s really something much less serious and easier to take care of.

But either way that’s some scary shit to hear and have to deal with.

The kicker – he’s younger than I am.  I don’t know that it’s easier to accept when someone in their 50s or 60s or 70s is diagnosed with it but it’s at least easier to understand.  Environmental factors, weaker immune systems, etc. take their toll over time.  But my buddy is in his early 30s, and I just can’t reconcile that.

Many of you who know me know I lost my mother to cancer a little over five years ago and I – quite frankly – still haven’t recovered from that.  So when I heard the news on Sunday it just opened up old wounds that never fully healed.

Luckily (?) my buddy is young and otherwise healthy, so he’s got a number of options available to him regardless of the ultimate diagnosis so we’re all optimistic.

But either way I’m going to ask all my loyal Paul Gillespie Experience readers to keep my friend in their thoughts and prayers, if you would please.  Both that the initial diagnosis is wrong and it’s something less serious and that whatever treatments ensue as a result of the second opinion are successful and he’s back to his normal self (and back to being part of some really good stories that always seem to happen whenever he’s around – he’s that kind of a fun guy).

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