It’s Got To Go

She's weeping for me... The day has come.

I still have a lot of stuff.  Not necessarily useful stuff – just “stuff”.  And that stuff takes up space; space I’d rather not have taken up for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is anytime I want to find something I will actually use I have to move a small army of stuff just to get to it).  And stuff needs to go – without a doubt.

I try to live by the “six month rule” – if I don’t legitimately use it within six months then I probably need to question keeping it around.  That clearly doesn’t go for anything summer-related since we had something like 13 consecutive months of winter that finally ended these last two weeks or so, but if it’s my stuff in the house I really need to think about finding it a new home.

As such I’m parting with my Magic: The Gathering card collection.

Voice of ResurgenceIf your reaction is “WHAT??? But Pauly, you’re so good at it, why are you getting rid of it ?” you clearly are new to The Paul Gillespie Experience.  There’s a technical word for my skill level when I play and that word is “sub-novice”.  Chances are if you’ve never played the game before you could pick up a deck and kick my pale white butt after a round or two.

But my complete lack of playing talent aside, I do one thing very well – I collect the cards.  Which is really what attracted me to the game in the first place. The artwork on some of the cards is just so spectacular that regardless of the actual playability or market value of the cards I enjoy collecting them; in fact I even bought a print of one of my favorite cards (Requiem Angel, by Eric Deschamps).  As a result I’m now looking at a collection that numbers well over 3,000 (I’m guessing it’s closer to 5,000 than 3,000, but that’s just a guess – I just know it doesn’t fit in a 3200-card box).

Vexing_DevilI pulled out all the rares and mythics to see what I had.  Total: 579 cards (323 unique; some have multiples), worth (based on valuation, anyway) just shy of $900.  That doesn’t include any of my thousands of commons/uncommons, nor does it include the three decks I’m keeping, just in case my kids want to beat up on me (I have a zombie deck, a pack rat deck and a mill deck, I believe; it’s been several months since I actually looked to see what I have).

[for context, when you purchase a “booster pack” you get one mythic (red) or rare (gold), three uncommons (silver), eleven commons (black) and a land.  Sometimes you’ll find a foil of one of the cards in the pack, as well]

deadlyallureI admit I will miss it, but I simply don’t use the cards and I strongly suspect there are others out there who would.  Considering one of my cards is worth $32 or so the market would say there’s at least somebody out there who would appreciate the Voice of Resurgence.

And if I really get the hankering to play a couple of rounds I’ll just head back to Spanky’s Card Shop (still the best place in KC) and play a Friday night draft where $10 will get you a couple of hours of good, social time (yes – those of us who play Magic are social people, too, I promise), three booster packs worth of cards and a few rounds of challenge.  And I’m keeping a few of my favorite cards just because I like to look at them – but no more than will fit in my extended deck box with my dice.

If you’re in the least bit curious you’re more than welcome to check out the list (click here).  At the very least click on that link and hit the “Visual Spoilers” page to see some of the awesome artwork that’s there.

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