Just About To Kickstart

Welcome to the Fifth Circle of HellI’m (hopefully) about a week away from launching my first Kickstarter campaign for the game I’ve been developing for a couple of years.  I cannot tell you how excited I am.

Ignore the fact there’s dummy text on there – I’m still finalizing how I want it to read.  But the game has been playtested, a bunch of the artwork is done and now it’s up to me to market it.  I’ll post a link when it’s up and you can take a look.  But I’m very optimistic on the potential for it to take off.  And if it does I have two others sitting in the wings.

It’s a fairly straightforward concept – you pick your band of adventurers and wander through a dungeon (built with cards) and battle monsters (more cards) to get loot (still more cards).  But I haven’t found anything like this out there – hence why I created it myself.

It’s a TON of work putting this together.  For the next one I’m going to outsource the card design and compilation – that’s a ton of time I’m spending on things I’m just not good at.  I have the design looking good now, but it’s been hours and hours of sweat that could have been avoided with a few hundred dollars of investment.

Back to modifying!


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