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It’s Tuesday.

I should be playing some beach volleyball out at Volleyball Beach but I’m not – I strained my calf on Saturday and my doc (who is awesome) said I was done with volleyball for a while (which I took to mean “until next Saturday”).  So instead I spent some time catching up on stuff at the office and then hit Starbucks for a Misto (decaf) and some Chive’n.  And The Chive led me to i can read where I’ve gone through something like sixty pages of awesome inspirational (and some not quite so much…more along the lines of “so not inspirational”) quotes.

I picked the one for this post off there and decided it was the right quote for the evening.  It was tough to decide between that one and some of the others, like:

“I really hate the feeling of knowing exactly what I want but being too afraid to go out and get it.”

“Begin doing what you want to do now.  We are not living in eternity.”

“If you’re reading this…congratulations, you’re alive.  If that’s not something to smile about I don’t know what it.”


“Dear God, I have a problem.  It’s me.”

All great quotes.  I ended up pulling down something like forty of them and putting most of them up here on my Facebook page.  And that was just getting through 75 of the 500+ pages that are on there.

I’m done for the night.  It’s time to be awesome.

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