Keep Calm and Chive On

There are many awesome people in Kansas City.  I could easily name twenty off the top of my head right now, but I’d be forgetting many more (because of lack of coffee) and then I’d feel bad and that would not be good.

But I wasn’t entirely sure there were any other fans of The Chive in Kansas City…until I ran across someone wearing a Keep Calm and Chive On t-shirt out at my home away from home – Volleyball Beach – yesterday after the tournament to support Special Olympics of Kansas.  I was to in awe to grab a picture (actually I had a beer in hand and my phone was about 30 feet away), but nonetheless it restored some of my faith in humanity that there are others in Kansas City who enjoy Probably the Best Site in the World.

Keep calm and Chive on.

(post image courtesy of The Chive)

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