Keeping a Sense of Humor

If there’s one thing everybody who knows me will tell you it’s that you can (almost) always find a smile on my face.  The circumstances are generally irrelevant – I like to smile and so I continue to do it.  A lot of it is just that I’m a fan of smiling (I think it makes everything look, feel and seem better) but generally it’s just the way of life I’ve adopted – I’m incredibly blessed and can usually find something in any situation to smile about.  And since I’d rather smile than cry or frown I do.

Drop in the first round of a sand volleyball tournament?  Bummed, but still smiling:  after all, I got to play my favorite sport in the whole wide world with some of my friends on a beautiful day.

Go sliding across the pavement at 40mph after being thrown off a motorcycle?  Hurting, but still smiling: after all I’m still alive and nothing seems broken (besides, there was a TON of adrenaline running through my veins at that point).  Plus the humor in the fact that I was wearing my “Rugged Maniac” t-shirt underneath my (now shredded) riding jacket.

Watch the Chiefs blow a gigantic 3rd quarter lead and lose a playoff game after driving 8 hours up to Indy to watch them?  Still smiling: I got to make the trip with three of my friends, and hey – it’s the CHIEFS (plus a bonus: I got White Castle)!

A lot of people think it’s kind of odd that I smile all the time.  I can appreciate that – if I saw a dude get up from a bike wreck and start making funny comments about how he needed to lose some weight so his bike didn’t travel further then he did I’d probably think he was a little off, as well.  Then again no I wouldn’t – because that’s just me.  I had a choice at that point – I could have gotten mad at the driver who pulled out in front of me, or I could’ve tried and lighten what could have been a tense situation.  I could have sat around brooding over a torn-up arm or I could’ve found/said something funny to keep my mind off the pain.  I could have gotten upset that my poor bike was likely to be totaled, or I could’ve been incredibly thankful that _I_ wasn’t at risk of being totaled.

Don’t get me wrong – I have bad days.  There are times when my life seems to be on an express train to hell in a handbasket.  And there are other times when it’s not that bad but it’s not all peaches and roses, either.  Sure, it can be difficult to keep things going at that point but I still do it.  It might take a little more effort but it also makes the next thing I do a little bit easier.  It’s kind of like a vicious circle, only a not-vicious circle.

I’m not entirely sure why I wrote this post – it just kind of popped into my head when I was thinking about the deep dive analysis I did on our new company presentation templates (without going into detail the 12-page analysis includes references to the Mongolian Death Worm, burning witches eyes and possibly an Irish Kermit the Frog…and that might just be in the first half).  It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around the office and while I have an awesome boss sometimes things get tense.  The solution – get people laughing; it eases the tension and while it doesn’t necessarily fix the problem it’s a whole lot easier to reset yourself when you’re smiling than it is when you’re stressing (try it; I guarantee it).   As an added bonus I got the compliment of being “the funniest Finance guy I know”.

Anyway, hopefully this will inspire you to smile I little bit.  Need some help:

  • Imagine Ron Burgundy is narrating your life.  In Morgan Freeman’s voice.
  • Remember you’re not at a One Direction, Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift concert (if you are…not a whole lot of smiling to be done there, sorry)
  • Pick a color and try to smell it.  Then imagine what you look like when someone walks by while you’re doing that.
  • Two guys walk into a bar.  The third one ducks.
  • Find a funny Pinterest page.

Any other ideas?

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