Keeping Calm and Chiving On

Keep calm and CHIVE ON!Although Friday night wasn’t a success in terms of winning the city-wide music video bingo championship it was a success in terms of having fun.

And – almost as importantly – running across a few other Chivers and Chivettes – pictured here (sorry for bad picture quality – my phone isn’t exactly known for taking pictures well…).

The Chive is one of my favorite web sites and my luck at snagging a KCCO t-shirt has been lacking (as in “non-existent”), so it was awesome to find a half dozen fun people at the Brewtop in Lee’s Summit that wore them proudly was one heck of a highlight.  Especially since The Chive is one of my favorite topics to blog about (Google “is the chive safe for work” and see how many Paul Gillespie Experience posts pop up).

John Denver's Flight Manual & Danny

It was a spectacular night regardless of our non-victory – it’s always fun being around friends (like the rest of John Denver’s Flight Manual – on the right, holding Danny, DJ Extraordinaire).  It made for a slightly early morning Saturday but sometimes that’s the price we pay for having a great time.

Here’s to another great season for JDFM!



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