Let the Brackets Bust

It (really) starts on March 15th.  I don’t count the new “first round” as a real first round – first round is when 64 teams play, not 8.  So with that being said, you have about two and a half days to get your brackets in before you end up sitting on the sidelines this year.

Me, personally – I’m in probably half a dozen.  I have the 810 Sports challenge, the RMG Bragging Rights challenge, my own personal challenge (see below for details) and a number of other ones.  I’ll probably have ten different brackets before all is said and done, all with the same goal: get one even remotely almost right.

As you can probably guess, my success in years past is pretty poor – although the one year I was in the running for first place I had to choose between rooting for Kansas or Memphis.  I chose my heart, not my head, and ended up taking 4th place instead of 1st when Mario shot the miracle.

You’re more than welcome to join, as long as you’re a good loser when I come out victorious…because this year is my year.  Not “my year” in the same sense that I use it every year and then never win.  This year is my year in the real sense of the word – first place, baby.  In at least one of my pools, anyway…

I just heard the stats, as a matter of fact – there are something like 9.000,000,000,000,000,000 possible bracket combinations with the 68 teams in the tournament.  Now some of those are pretty improbable – like a bracket that has a #15 seed winning it all, or a Final Four with all double-digit seeds.  Improbable, but not impossible.  There’s a big difference between the two.  Luckily I’m not going improbable, but I am going with a few select upsets (watch Belmont, Davidson and UNLV) this year, and I only need a dozen brackets to ensure victory in at least one pool.

In theory, anyway.

Honestly I’d be fine if “Burn Your Bra Thursday” at The Chive didn’t turn into “Burn Your Bracket Thursday” instead.  I would like to make it through one real round – nay, one real day – without relegating my picks to the scrap heap of history as “the worst bracket ever created by someone older than 3” which is generally where you can find my picks on Friday morning.

Join me – let’s have some fun.  I have a bracket for my friends – details below:

Go to:  http://games.espn.go.com/tournament-challenge-bracket/en/group?groupID=67168
(you’ll need an ESPN.com account to play)
Group: Pauly’s Facebook Friends
Password: RockChalkJayhawk

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