Longest Run Yet

If I haven’t mentioned it recently, I love my new watch.

As I pulled up to the house after my run this afternoon in the light rain it popped up a message I love to see;  “New Record”.  Granted this is my second run with it so all that means is I did better in one of the categories than the last run (fastest mile, distance, 5k time, 10k time), but hey – a record’s a record, right?

This time it was three: distance, 5k time and 10k time.  The latter was easy since my previous 10k time was null since this was the first time in any of my training – much less the one other run with my watch – that I’d run a 10k distance.  The former was easy, as well – it was by virtue of the fact that I decided to run 6.4 miles today vs. 3.3.

The middle one, however, I was pretty proud of.  On Thursday I’d run a 30:00 minute 5k (exactly 30 minutes); today that was down to 29:33.  A different course, to be sure, but a hillier one so we’ll see what happens when I re-run the same course.  But I also paced myself differently – I went into this one knowing I was going to run 6+ miles so I didn’t push myself as hard for the last mile as I would have if this were only a 3.x mile run.  Regardless, though, I’d be happy with shaving nearly half a minute off my time every two weeks; if I can start by doing that every week for the first month that’s a great start on my 24:00 target.

All told it was a good run day.  I made the decision before I set out this afternoon that I was going to go on an alternating week schedule.  That means at this point I have six main routes – two each for my “speed”, 5k-ish and long runs.  I did that so I could see improvements (hopefully) in them.  I was worried that a single week wouldn’t be sufficient to account for various factors that come into play (whether I went out the night before; if I was dehydrated; running later in the day vs. early, etc.) and I’m hoping two weeks is.

Now I’m going to take a nap – I’m beat.  But in a good way.

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