May’s on FIRE!

This past weekend was the annual May Fire! tournament out at Volleyball Beach.  If you’re not familiar with May Fire! think of it this way – the best beach volleyball players around make their way out to Martin City (south KC) and compete for thousands of dollars in prize money.  It’s easily the best beach volleyball you’ll see in the Midwest.

This year was no disappointment.  The battles were many, and it didn’t matter which team you were rooting for – you couldn’t help but be impressed when Jay spiked the ball down on the other side from six feet off the net or Jeff put it right through the blocker’s hands or Anna absolutely stuffed her opponent.  This was some of the best volleyball you were going to see.

Considering I haven’t missed a Saturday tournament in going on three years I was there, as well, although playing in the quads side of the tourney, not the doubles.  We didn’t fare too incredibly well – a 1-7 record and being dropped after pool play – but as it always is we had fun.  We definitely had the talent to compete (Freddy & Wes hitting on the sides, Katie H policing the back and me setting) but we couldn’t quite get things clicking on all cylinders.

Since we didn’t make the tourney that gave me a little time to watch some of the preliminary doubles matches.  And they were spectacular.  There were great saves, great hits and great blocks all around; I didn’t see one match that was anywhere near one-sided.  The closest I saw was a 3- or 4-point run in the finals; other than that most of the games involved back-and-forth points or maybe a 1- or 2-point run.

I can’t wait until next year; assuming I manage to get myself in shape (not there right now) I’m playing on the doubles side.  My time playing there may be short-lived – I think it’s double-elimination – but I’m still up for it.

If you missed this year make sure you block out the first couple of weekends in May so you don’t miss it next year.  It’s THAT GOOD.  The pictures you see below don’t even start to reflect how great it is to be out there watching live.  (for more pictures, check out this gallery:


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