I finally did it.  I moved the beach volleyball updates to Gettin’ Sandy (which you can find at It’s actually my beach volleyball-specific blog.  Yes I’m a nerd because I have multiple blogs (The Paul Gillespie Experience, Gettin’ Sandy, one step from freedom, etc.).

I’ve syndicated the feed so it will still appear here, but I’m going to try and do some more general beach volleyball-related posts (outside of the awesomeness that takes place at Volleyball Beach each week) to change it up a bit.  And, since other visitors to The Paul Gillespie Experience might care less about beach volleyball (I know – it’s hard to believe that everybody doesn’t just drool over it, isn’t it?) I figured it made sense to carve it out.

Rest assured you can always come by here to get your fix of what happened (as well as other general Paul Gillespie stuff); you just have another outlet for the goodness you seek.

So make sure you add it to your bookmarks/favorites so you don’t miss anything.

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