Not So Novel

Yes, another pun.  Another completely intended one at that: two in a week.

On the same topic, no less.

And yet, despite all my literary creativity in coming up with completely useless (and yet amusing) titles for entries on The Paul Gillespie Experience I have yet to write anything of substance in my novel.  Sure, I have some words on the paper, but if you gave ten monkeys a typewriter I suspect they’d have come up with more intelligible writing than I have by now.

(in case you have no earthly idea what I’m talking about, check out this post)

Heck – I don’t even have my main character named (I figured I’d wait until I got into it to see what named seemed to fit better).  In fact he just finished his morning run, which puts him about 45 minutes and 800 words into it.

Not a bad start, I suppose…if it were November 1st.  But it’s not, and considering I’m supposed to be averaging 1,667 words per day I’m roughly 16,000 words behind.

So I’m asking you to keep me accountable – I need to write.  Write, write, write.

In retrospect I probably should have put this up on Paul Gillespie, unplugged (my personal accountability blog).  But I didn’t.

Sure, it’s not a life-or-death kind of thing – my livelihood isn’t writing (and, coincidentally, it’s been primarily a crazy week at work that’s eaten up much of the time I was hoping to put pen to paper in the evenings/night).  But nonetheless I would like to get rid of the writer’s block that I’m going to blame for my consistently poor performance here.

OK, enough of this – I’m going back to the green text on the black screen (my favorite writing setup – thanks, WriteRoom!).

(post image courtesy of Despair, Inc.)

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