One Up

Today I decided to one-up myself.

I’m back to Insanity – I did 8 out of the 9 weeks over the summer, and I made about 2 weeks in late fall.  This time around (I’m two weeks in; just did my second Fit Test) I’ve decided to follow Shawn T’s workout schedule exactly.  The first time around I shifted it a little, so my rest day was Tuesday (since I was going to get 5+ hours of pure exercise those days).  This time I decided my rest day would be the rest day he has on the Insanity calendar – Sunday.

Except today.

This last week was so great in terms of workouts that I decided I was going to one-up myself and get tomorrow’s workout in early.  Since tomorrow was the start of the third week it’s Fitness Test time, and I improved in every category, albeit only slightly (<10%) in a couple.

I’m not sure if getting ahead was the right answer for today – yesterday was Pure Cardio immediately followed by Cardio Abs so my body was fairly worn out after the hour or so of straight workout, plus that puts me off the schedule.  But I just felt so good that rather than play a little Katamari I was going to get a day ahead on my workout routine and make Monday this week my day off instead.

Now it’s time to pig out – I’m (mostly) pretty good about eating healthy during the week but on the weekend I let myself eat pretty much whatever.  The result is I’m down about 6 pounds in the last six weeks – and only two of those involved any exercise to speak of (the last two).

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