Other Awesome Sites

I love the Internet.  Since I first ventured onto it around 1992 I’ve been hooked.  Many days I spend at least an hour hanging out exchanging ones and zeroes with servers all across the country, enjoying the fruits of other people’s labors and creativity and adding some of my own to that mix.  Here are a few of my favorites in no particular order:

  • Fast Company [www.FastCompany.com] This is one of those easy-to-read business magazines.  There’s a lot of good content there on new technology trends (which I like), leadership, design and more.  Excellent articles and they’re not all “business-stuffy”, either – they’re well written and easy to read.  Heck – they even talk about Blood Elves and Valentine’s Day, for heaven’s sake.  Good business, good entertainment, good information.

  • Evernote [www.Evernote.com] I’m not hanging out there being social (like on Twitter) or entertained (like The Chive), but Evernote clearly ranks as an awesome website in my book.  I’m on there storing information, working and remembering all the stuff I need to remember.  It’s basically an online database that you can access via the web (or with a mobile or desktop client).  It is simply spectacular – I can snap a shot of something on my iPhone and upload it or easily save entire web pages or notes.  Check it out.

  • Wizards of the Coast [www.Wizards.com]  If you’re a fan of using your imagination then this is the place you want to go.  Wizards of the Coast is the company that brings you Dungeons and Dragons – the premier role playing game – as well as Magic: The Gathering – the premier trading card game.  And while Battlefield 2 is an awesome game, it doesn’t necessarily lend itself well to the imagination.  But suspending reality and being a halfling rogue battling evil for a few hours or taking a 20-minute break and controlling Liliana of the Dark Realms in a duel absolutely puts your imagination (and your brain) to work full-time.  And the artwork?  Some of it is absolutely incredible.  In fact the only piece of artwork that adorns my walls at home is an Eric DeschampsRequiem Angel print.

  • Google [www.Google.com] I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Google in a list of favorites.  On top of being a fan of their e-mail platform (Gmail) I love some of their other services:  Voice, Reader, Drive and Calendar being the top three I visit.  But beyond all the services they offer, when I need to search I Google.  That’s just how it is – it’s easy, it’s lightning fast and I generally don’t have to search for what I’m after.  Rock on, Google.  Rock on.

  • Guru.com [www.Guru.com] If you need a project completed and can’t do it yourself the chances are you can find someone on Guru.com that can do it for you.  Need voice-overs?  It’s there.  How about some custom programming?  Yup.  Writers, virtual assistants, artists, engineers, photographers and dozens of other professions/skillsets also ply their trade here…including me (I do some side work programming process improvement/data management applications using Excel and VBA).  The workflow of the site is pretty easy – you post a project and freelancers respond.  You pick one, work with them on timelines/payment schedules and get your work done.  It’s that easy.

  • Volleyball Beach [www.VolleyballBeach.com] Only really useful for those of you around the Kansas City area, but if you enjoy sand volleyball make no mistake – this is the place.  I’ve played out there as well as other places around the KC metro area and Volleyball Beach is, by far, the best.  The best sand, the best chemists behind the bar, the hottest waitresses and the best set of teams (no matter what level of play you’re after).  Trust me – you will not find a better place around Kansas City to play volleyball in the sand (and don’t forget the tournaments!).

That’s it for now – figured I’d keep it fairly short for now.  There are other sites, like LensHero, Bit.ly and Beach Volleyball Sand Sox that I use, but I’ll save those for later.

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