Paul Gillespie, unplugged

I just launched another blog: Paul Gillespie, unplugged.  It isn’t a typical blog where you’ll find all manner of stuff (like you do on The Paul Gillespie Experience, one step from freedom, or Gettin’ Sandy), but instead has one purpose: accountability.

Basically I figured out that I make a pretty bad accountability partner for myself.  I do well keeping others accountable, but I can fool myself way too easily to keep myself on track.  So, instead of continuing to flounder I decided to bare it all (metaphorically speaking; I’m not planning on going nudist any time soon) and put it out on the web for anyone to see.

Feel free to stop by and check it out; it’s really nothing fancy – just daily (or close to daily) progress updates on how I’m doing.  Right now I just have one goal – getting back to 190 pounds (a weight I don’t think I’ve seen since my college days) by Christmas this year.  Wish me luck…or better yet stop by and keep me accountable.

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