Poor Horsey

Ah, poor horsey.Awww, poor horsey.  I’m sorry you lost to the Chargers on Thursday night.

Not really.

Not in the least.

Not even kinda sorta remotely.

Not that I have much room to talk – the Chiefs three losses have come to both those teams, but it’s still nice to see the Broncos choke on a Thursday night game to a team that’s not going to make the playoffs.

This opens a chance (slim, admittedly) that my Chiefs can still secure the #1 or #2 seed in the playoffs and give Arrowhead a home playoff game.  We’ll have to win out and the Broncos would have to lose again – a tall order not because the Chiefs have a rough schedule (we don’t: @ Oakland, vs. Indy, @ San Diego) but because the Broncos have two of the worst teams in the NFL left: @ Houston and @ Oakland.  My junior high flag football team would have even odds against the Houston Texans and the Raiders are, well, the Raiders.

But the chance still exists.  The Chiefs won’t make the same mistake against the Chargers at the end of the season, and while Indy will be a challenge it’s much smaller given the have to come into the true loudest open air stadium in the world and the fact that Andrew Luck is afraid of cold weather.

But honestly the bottom line is the Chiefs just need to win.  Getting a first-round bye and home field would be awesome, but right now we need to get the post-season win drought off our backs.  When you’re measuring it in decades it’s been far too long – we need to win.  And I’m not opposed to going to Indianapolis or New England or even Denver if that’s what it takes – we just need to make sure we’re bringing our “win, baby; win” approach no matter where we end up.

But the first order of business is this weekend: beat the Raiders.  It would be the sweep of them for the first time since 2006.

So grab a beer and enjoy the game.  GO CHIEFS!



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