Post #500

True story.Well, The Paul Gillespie Experience just hit a milestone – 500 posts.  It’s a nice, round number that seems like it ought to be important for some reason.  I’m not sure there’s any magic to it, like there is to “80% of small businesses fail within 5 years” or “you miss 100% of the shots you never take” or “if you reach age 50 there’s a really good chance you won’t die at 45“, but that doesn’t matter – 500 is a fun number, at least for a blog (for my weight, my BAC or the number of days without coffee…not so much).

So in honor of this arbitrary milestone I’ve decided to go back and pick a few of my favorite posts from the last however many years (4 and a half, I think) I’ve been keeping this blog going.

  • ‘Twas the Week.  I’m lumping all my “‘Twas the Week Before…” posts into one; it’s hard to pick only one when it’s one of the highlights of my holiday season every single year.
  • That One Conversation.  It’s short, it’s sweet and it’s pointed.  I managed to fit one of my more powerful blog posts into less than 100 words which is unheard of for me.  I still struggle with it…but it reminds me constantly.
  • Life’s Background Music (and Part 2).  Reminds me how powerful music can be and the ability it has to change things.  Love it.
  • A Few of My Favorite Things.  First, because it has pictures of a B-1B Bomber (sexiest aircraft ever built) and Yvonne Strahovski (most beautiful actress ever to grace television, hands down) and that’s pretty damn hard to beat.  But also because it reminds me of – shocker – some of my favorite things.  A great read when I’m feeling down.
  • Rest in Peace, Boss-man.  Read it; you’ll understand.
  • Just a Fly On The Carcass.  It takes me back to the overall humor of life and, perhaps most importantly, the fact that very little in the world that I do is life-or-death in nature.  I have several friends who do handle life-or-death on a daily basis, but there’s not much I do that even enters the “make or break something” category.  Any time I’m beat down by it I just remember the fly on the carcass.
  • It All Starts With An Inferiority Complex.   The post that started The Paul Gillespie Experience.  Sure it’s out-dated and not necessarily entirely why I blog any more but no way does this not make the top list.
  • Halloween Weekend.  My favorite holiday ever, so clearly a recap of one of the more awesome ones is going to be on here.
  • Things Left Undone.  One of my more contemplative posts that references a scene from my favorite TV show of all time (Chuck; sorry, A-Team, MacGyver and Dukes of Hazzard) and was a catalyst for some of the stuff I’ve done (that, honestly, I never thought I’d do).
  • Zombie Walk: The Proof.  I just like the picture I attached to it.
  • What?  No favorites post would be complete without referencing two things: Chiefs and my friends.  This post combines them a little – I don’t know that I’ll ever forget when we broke the loudest stadium record this October while clobbering the Raiders.  It was that awesome of a time (from tailgating to the game to the recovery)…and I’m still not sure my hearing has returned.
  • I Still Have the Best Friends.  ’nuff said – because I really do.  Love y’all.

I could have gone on and one, not because I’m some epic blog post writer but because there are so many posts out of the 502 published currently on the site that remind me things, drive me to be better or just tell me to sit the hell down and roll with it.

Happy 2014 to everyone – make it awesome!

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