Pulling Strings

Who's pulling your strings?Who’s running your life?

Does somebody have their fingers wrapped around the strings that make your arms and legs dance?  Or maybe they’ve got their hand up your, um, Muppet controlling your every move.  Who is it?

Or do you think you’re really in charge?

Maybe you are.  Maybe you’re someone who’s in complete control of their life, answering to nobody, not letting anybody influence them consciously (or sub-consciously).

Or maybe, just maybe, you do have that someone in your life that, knowingly or not, pulls your strings.  Maybe it’s your husband or wife.  Perhaps it’s your kids.  Or your boss, your friend or your neighbor.

You might pretend you’re in control but you’re really not – it’s just a facade you put up to give that illusion.  You might talk a good game – even to yourself – but you know deep down when push comes to shove if that person says “jump” you say “how high”.

Those strings are hidden from the world; or at least we like to think they are.  We try and pretend they don’t exist and we hope folks don’t recognize them.  Those closest to us probably do catch glimpses but they’re probably value our feelings too much to say anything (unless it gets to the point of being unhealthy or dangerous) so they keep their mouths shut, nod and smile when we tell them what we’re going to do “because we want to”.

It’s the two sides of a person – the “I’ll stand up to him/her” side when the him/her isn’t around and the sheepish, pliant side when the him/her is around.

I’m totally not sure how I ended up on this train of thought, but it was fun to write anyway.  And I would guess, save for a few souls in this world, everybody’s got somebody pulling their strings.  Maybe not in an obvious way, but I’d say it’s pretty dang impossible to live in a society that’s connected and not be influenced at least to some degree by others.

So maybe then it’s not a question of “if” but a question of “to what degree”.

All this pondering is making my brain hurt.  Plus I’ve got corned beef and cabbage finishing up in the kitchen so we’ll call this a wrap.  A nice, pondering wrap so I can eat dinner.

And figure out who in the hell is pulling my strings.

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2 thoughts on “Pulling Strings”

  1. Interesting ponderence. Although there may be a puppeteer pulling strings, don’t you necessarily “allow” it and thus are really still in control. That is, one submits ones self to a superior at a job for example, and the boss pulls strings. However, one can simply whip out the scissors and cut the strings at any time…..so who is really in control?

  2. Great point – and you’re absolutely right. Someone may be perceived as having control over you but it’s not real because the control could only be by your submission to it which can be revoked at any time. I hadn’t thought of it in those terms.

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