Pushing It

Why no - I'm NOT giving up...Thus completes the sixth week of the (now, since I added two weeks) 11-week course.  As you can tell by my tracker I’m not exactly sticking to the plan of the course, and I’ve only really gotten five weeks completed, taking effectively a week off over the last two for a variety of reasons (two days were somewhat legit – a broken and horribly swollen toe that made walking excruciating – but the last were either “lazy” or “rain”).  I think part of the lazy was also “bored”; I talked with a friend of mine on Friday who’s doing Insanity, too, and he mentioned something about wishing there were more variety, as well.

So yesterday I forayed into the “Max” (second half) of the program – hour-long (vs. 40ish-minutes currently) routines – and they kicked my butt.  I was dying in my driveway, maxing my heart rate out at 185 consistently (100% = 181, for reference; I know, I know…) and having to take a break to get it back down to something reasonable.  I passed the point of “dripping sweat” about halfway through the 40-minutes of the program I did and went straight to “you can run a hydroelectric generator off me”.

I’m so excited to tackle that full-time.

It’s like the energy I had from the first month – always looking forward to what was next, feeling my body get more in shape.  That is a feeling like no other – it really is.  When you see the progress you’ve made it’s one of those spectacular “look at what I did!” adrenaline rushes that just stays with you.  I’m down to 186 pounds and have substantially more cardio power than I had before I started.  I feel great and I can finally feel my abs (although they’re still hiding under a little bit of BBQ, wings and beer).

I’m pumped – it’s time to take it to the next level.  Shaun T was pretty explicit – the Max month is designed to kick your butt and I have no doubt he’s not lying.  New moves, longer routines and more sweat.

I can’t wait.

But first I have a week of Core and Balance to work on.  Wish me luck.

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