Real Life Lessons In Math

Motorcycle + deer + 50 miles per hour is not an equation that has a positive outcome for either party involved. Yet that’s math that a friend of mine found himself in the middle of this past weekend on the way to volleyball. Luckily he survived the abrupt lesson in physics; the deer didn’t.

Considering I’m working on getting my motorcycle license that was quite a wake-up call. Not that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous (I already knew that) but that there are times we’re lucky we get to take another breath.

Outside of being thankful my friend was OK (although his entire right side was road-rashed to hell) I didn’t ponder on it much last night – if there’s one thing we outlaw it’s thinking too much while we’re on the court – but this morning while I was sitting on the tarmac waiting for my flight to Breckenridge it did enter my mind. I’ve lived a pretty blessed life; there’s been a lot of situations in my past that could have turned out a lot worse than they did. I’ll take it; I’m certainly not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth. But sometimes those few moments your mind takes you to when how close you came to death or something less-permanent but still life-affecting can make you question everything you do.

That’s as deep as I get here – no further pondering necessary. I’ve got some Bon Jovi (Bad Medicine) playing in my headphones as we trek down I-70 from Denver International Airport to the resort we’re staying at in Breckenridge and I have at least two more blog posts I told myself I’d write before we finish the 90-minute trip.

I’ll leave you with this question: if you were on the unlucky end of a cold, hard lesson in life and death would you leave this earth feeling good about everything? If not…when ya gonna change that?

(Darren – hope you’re doing OK, buddy!)

(jealousy disclaimer: my trip to Breck is a business trip so I’ll be locked in a conference room for the two days I’m here not pretending to ski…but it does have a forecasted high of the low-70s so I won’t complain)

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