Abs.  Yup - they're still there.I’m rescinding my earlier comment (from this post) about not feeling the soreness in my abs while doing Insanity.

They’re making it abundantly clear right now that I was obviously not paying close enough attention to the pain sensors.  In fact right now they’re daring me to turn my torso left, right, up or down and see what happens.  Thus far I’ve succeeded in not succumbing to the pain by doing my best impression of a 2×4 while walking around today; not sure that’s going to cut it when I’m doing the Pure Cardio workout.


On the positive side the constant pain/stiffness in my calves is gone; they feel normal again.  Which I’m sure will change here shortly, but every break helps.

And it feels good, honestly.  Once the calves/quads/lungs start working again post-workout I actually have more energy than I used to which, if you know me, will scare the living daylights out of you (context: I’m ALWAYS chipper in the morning).

That’s probably it for regular updates; I’ve reached my whining quota (and it was quite fun getting there, I might add) so I’m going to chill with the Insanity updates for a while.  You can still keep track of my progress and keep me accountable if you’d like – the link is up above under the “Insanity” tab (or just click here).

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