Extensive experience in a number of business disciplines to the table, all with the primary focus of improving the bottom line.  Whether it’s an effective pricing structure that increases revenue, automation of a process to make the most of limited resources or business analysis to help reduce cost structures, I bring the tools necessary to improve a company’s profit.

What I Bring

Throughout my fifteen+ years of professional experience (all with the same company, through various divestitures, mergers and acquisitions) I have had the opportunity to make a difference to the company’s bottom line.  Among the highlights, I have:

  • Been responsible for managing price points on over $200m of annual revenue across multiple product lines
  • Managed budgeting and reporting for over $1b in consumer-driven revenue, achieving a variance to budget of sub-1% annually
  • Negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with governments and large commercial customers
  • Improved a key workflow process, resulting in a cycle time reduction of 40%
  • Developed a team of high-performing analysts into “consultants” with a focus on optimizing customer-level pricing
  • Created and built a workflow automation system, enabling reporting and management of non-standard requests

What I’ve Done

Practical Education

  • Director – Special Pricing, Contracts and RFPs
    April 2011 – current
  • Director – Special Pricing and Contracts
    July 2009 – April 2011
  • Manager – Special Pricing and Contracts
    (October 2005 – July 2009
  • Sr. Financial Analyst – Financial Planning and Analysis
    January 2005 – October 2005
  • Various analysis, management and other business roles
    January 1997 – January 2005
  • Bartender, waiter, paper boy, lemonade stand owner


Formal Education


A creative, high-performing executive with the proven ability to leverage a background in leadership, analysis and communications to improve a company’s top and bottom line.

  • Excellent professional communication skills, from executive presentations to training
  • Passion for continuous learning and – more importantly – application of that learning
  • High-energy, positive attitude – with a great sense of humor to boot
  • The ability to get stuff done, no matter the situation

About Paul