Spinning It Back Up

After nearly six months, I’m putting the Paul Gillespie Experience back online.  It’s been far too long.  Between my job, my house, my game (which is launching on Kickstarter in January!) and about four million other things going on I’ve been absolutely horrible about keeping the blog up.  My dad, who is almost like clockwork on his weekly update to the family and friends, inspired me again to get back to writing.  He doesn’t know he did it, but he did.

So look for more frequent updates than the twice yearly I’ve been up to lately.  Until then – hope you had a Merry Christmas and are poised for a great New Year!

(as we near the end of the year:  RIP Peggy Puckett, Carrie Fisher and George Michael, among all the rest of the friends, family and celebrities we’ve lost in 2016)

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