Stepping It Up

Today I decided to up my running training a bit.  My best friend, who I’m running with in September, is on a regimen that a friend of her’s who runs is doing; I’m going to try it the brute force way.  Not sure that’s going to work – you saw my last run time and how poor it was – but I’ve decided to stick with it for a few more weeks at least.

Let me be clear – I am not a runner.  In the least.  I’m better suited to some sport that does not involve hauling 200 pounds of generally-not-muscle on a broad shouldered 6’2″ frame around on two legs at a pace faster than a walk.  Like, say, golf.

But I enjoy my mud runs (Rugged Maniac, Warrior Dash, Tough Mudder) and I have a special reason for running in September so I’m going to impersonate one, at least until either my body gives out or I hit my goals.

Today was a better day for my run.  I decided last week I was going to train by doing a half marathon at the end of May, so I need to be able to step up my runs to 13 miles, total.  Today was day one of that – not real bright on my part considering I haven’t run since last Saturday in the Paws 4 Autism run.

But I did it anyway, and I managed to run 5.3 miles in under an hour (57:31).  That’s not a great time by any stretch – it’s about a 10:51 mile pace (remember my goal is an 8:00 minute mile pace).  But if I look at how I ran for the first 3.6 miles (the closest point I had to a 3.1-mile marker) I was a full minute/mile faster at 9:50 (plus I ran 3.6 miles in roughly the same amount of time it took me to run 3.1 last week).  9:50 running a new route without being hydrated (friend’s birthday party last night) isn’t too bad.  Plus I know the first 2.25 miles were much faster (that’s the first point I walked) so in reality I’m probably closer to a 9:30 mile over a 3.1 mile (5k) course if I can keep moving.

Still not at target, but much closer than I have been.  We continue.

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