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Just Characters In A Story

Requiem Angel - what's her story?I like to write.

You probably already gathered that if you’ve hung around The Paul Gillespie Experience for any period of time.  I don’t necessarily have to have a topic in mind when I start – just throw me a word, a phrase, a conversation, a situation or whatever and I’ll go from there.  Witness: pretty much any post here on the blog.

Besides this blog I have several others I pen (or am part of, at least).  I also like to write short stories, although admittedly Continue reading Just Characters In A Story

The Power of Shiny Squirrels

If you’ll remember a few posts ago (this one) I discussed the place squirrels now have in my hierarchy of favorite rodents.  Rest assured this is not a post following-up on that – they haven’t changed rank and, frankly, I’m tired of them anyway.

No, this post is about shiny squirrels; the inevitable rodents that appear out of seemingly nowhere and entice you to take your eye of the metaphorical ball.  Sometimes that’s a good thing – a shiny squirrel at the right time can Continue reading The Power of Shiny Squirrels

Good Books

I’m one of those fans of those “small rectangular objects called books that require a little effort on my part” (to paraphrase “The NeverEnding Story“).  I enjoy both fiction and non-fiction – everything from Douglas Adams’ “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” to “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz.  On my bookshelf (both real and digital) you’ll find books on Java Programming, discovering strengths and Dungeons and Dragons; military thrillers, fantasy stories and suspenseful dramas.

There are two books that hold a special place on my bookshelf, though – Red Storm Rising (by Tom Clancy) from a fiction standpoint and The Four Hour Workweek (by Tim Ferriss) on the non-fiction side.  The former is a great yarn about what World War III could be like; the latter is a “how to” guide to make better use of your most precious commodity (time) while being more productive.  I’ve read both of them multiple times (Red Storm Rising three plus an abridged audiocast; The Four Hour Workweek four plus twice on CD) and fully expect to read them both again.

Continue reading Good Books