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Things Left Undone

No regrets.You know how when you think you’re going to die and your whole life is supposed to flash in front of you?  That didn’t exactly happen for me yesterday. In fact mostly it was just a list that I saw.  A list of stuff that I haven’t done and things that I haven’t had a chance to say.  So today, today I want to start crossing things off of my list.  And this is the first thing that I promised myself I would do.

That’s a quote from Chuck to Sarah (from “Chuck” Season 1, Episode 8 – click here to see the clip) that ranks as one of the saddest and yet Continue reading Things Left Undone

“The Last Time I Sweated There Was Gunfire”

That’s an awesome line.  “I’m sweating.  The last time I sweated there was gunfire”.  That was Sarah saying that in the midst of Chuck’s family talking about Chuck and Sarah’s wedding plans.

I just love Chuck – it’s by far my favorite TV show.  I own Seasons 1-3 on DVD (and have them on my iPhone) and have watched every episode of the first two seasons at least twice each.  Yes – it’s that good.  It’s funny, it’s action-packed and it’s got the most beautiful woman on television – Yvonne Strahovski (that’s her in the picture) – in it.  Tell me what’s not to love???