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Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Every Christmas season I get the pleasure of doing a recap of the Kansas City (ish) sports teams.  This is one of my favorite things to do – I get to join my creative (?  I call it “creative”) side with my passion for sports and figure out how in the hell to rhyme words with “Santana” and “purple”.  This always goes on my out of office reply at work (even if I’m not actually out of the office…like this year) and I usually put it on my work voicemail as well.

Here it is, for my Paul Gillespie Experience readers: the 2013 edition of “Twas the Week Before Christmas“.


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Dang, Horse – I Trusted You!

I’m not one who’s normally prone to getting a kick out of someone else’s personal problems.  Having been made fun of as a kid (and I’ll just assume it stopped there – I grew up to the point I just ignored people who attempted it while I was an adult) I am fairly sensitive to people in situations that other people seem to laugh at.  Sometimes I’ll turn off a TV show if the person’s situation and potential for it to get made fun of makes me uncomfortable – yes, I know how ridiculous that sounds .  Deal with it.

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The Lost Cat

Missy!Missy” is still one of my favorites.

Let me be clear – I do not hate cats.  I don’t even dislike cats.  I’m just not fond of having to take care of furry creatures that can’t effectively articulate what their problem is and can’t make themselves a sandwich when they’re hungry.

But regardless of your stance on four-legged animals this is still absolutely hilarious.  I literally laugh out loud every time I read it.  Make sure you read all the commentary – not just the e-mails but the stuff in blue on the left, as well.

All I can say is that cat would look so much better in a hat.

Check it out here.


Not sure how I should feel...So I decided to check the site stats here to see if there was anything to be gleaned from them.  I make it a habit to check regularly to see if there are any trends or anything, and one of the areas I always look at are the Search Engine Terms – effectively the words people searched on to find The Paul Gillespie Experience.  I can always use Google Analytics for it but WordPress (which is the engine I use to blog on) gives me a good snapshot and it’s easy.

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The Sport of Christmas Eve

I will try this.  I will.No – this has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas Eve unless you’re me and you’re running around like a psycho trying to find those last-minute Christmas presents that you’ve procrastinated about getting.

In which case make sure you say hi to me if you see me out and about.

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