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(Un)productive Games

Anyone who knows me knows I love games.   And I love a variety of games; I’m not tethered to just RPGs or just board games.  My tastes run the gamut – everything from stock card games to console games to board games; PC games to custom card games to pen-and-paper games.

A lot depends on the mood I’m in and what else is going on.  I might feel like taking on a dungeon crawl in Munchkin; maybe I’d rather go with a classic game of chess; perhaps I’m thinking old-school with Continue reading (Un)productive Games

Just a Character in the Storium

I’m a fan of role-playing games (RPGs).  Although I’ve never played a full session of Dungeons and Dragons (what most people think of when you say “RPG”) the concept intrigues me to no end – you get to be a someone else of your choosing.  Most of my experience is in the MMORPG (massively multiplayer online RPGI space – I played World of Warcraft for years and currently have active Guild Wars 2 and Neverwinter accounts.

Recently, however, I discovered Continue reading Just a Character in the Storium


World of Xeen - one of my favorite ever RPGsWe all have that one thing that takes us back.  Maybe it’s hearing the synthesizer jamming on the first song you remember hearing; maybe it’s the smell of your first girlfriend’s perfume; maybe it’s seeing a clip from the first rated-R movie you snuck into when you were 15.

I was wandering the 1s and 0s of the Internet this evening (the Ravens-Steelers game is at the half) and somehow stumbled onto a Continue reading Flashback

Mr. President…

Secret ServiceThere’s a new game we’re going to play.

I was taking a break from being productive and decided to peruse Facebook for a while yesterday.  I ran across a post from Cracked.com (sometimes safe for work; almost always amusing): “4 Free Games You Can Play to Make Life More Interesting” and read it.  I’m always a fan of games and entertainment so it sounded right up my alley.

If only I had Continue reading Mr. President…

Engineering Marvel

I will apologize in advance for the plethora of puns that are inherent in that title. And by “apologize” I mean “not apologize in the least because puns are awesome”.

This weekend was an absolute blast. From Friday at five ‘til Sunday at closing time (to quote a John Michael Montgomery song) it was non-stop good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie. Of course those who know me know that “good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie” isn’t exactly something that’s Continue reading Engineering Marvel