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Engineering Marvel

I will apologize in advance for the plethora of puns that are inherent in that title. And by “apologize” I mean “not apologize in the least because puns are awesome”.

This weekend was an absolute blast. From Friday at five ‘til Sunday at closing time (to quote a John Michael Montgomery song) it was non-stop good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie. Of course those who know me know that “good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie” isn’t exactly something that’s Continue reading Engineering Marvel

A Safe Place

Do you have a safe place?

A place you can go to when you can take a break?  Where you can hit the pause button on all your troubles for a little while and pretend everything is peachy-keen?  A place where the people are just happy you’re there and your circumstances are completely irrelevant?

I have several myself which comes in very handy when things go so crazy that it’s either find a (productive) release or Continue reading A Safe Place

Friday Night Magic (Part 3)

In the first related post I talked about why I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering.  In the second post we did a quick rundown of gameplay and talked a little bit about why different creatures have different value.  In this last post we’ll talk about some of the strategy (the fun stuff) beyond just sending creatures to attack your opponent.

Before we get there, though, I would be remiss if I Continue reading Friday Night Magic (Part 3)

When 1-6 Is Goodness

If I told you the Chiefs were 1-6 you’d be upset – that’s a sure record for missing the playoffs…again.  If Billy Butler was 1-6 that would be a slump (and unfortunately both Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain are both hitting worse than that – .160 and .133, respectively – with Eric Hosmer barely above that at .173).  And if I said on a seven question test you only got one answer right I suspect you’d be less than pleased with that result.

It’s hard to look at 1-6 in most sports or situations in life and be happy with it.

Continue reading When 1-6 Is Goodness