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Pushing It

Why no - I'm NOT giving up...Thus completes the sixth week of the (now, since I added two weeks) 11-week course.  As you can tell by my tracker I’m not exactly sticking to the plan of the course, and I’ve only really gotten five weeks completed, taking effectively a week off over the last two for a variety of reasons (two days were somewhat legit – a broken and horribly swollen toe that made walking excruciating – but the last were either “lazy” or “rain”).  I think part of the lazy was also “bored”; I talked with a friend of mine on Friday who’s doing Insanity, too, and he mentioned something about wishing there were more variety, as well.

So yesterday I forayed into the “Max” (second half) of the program – hour-long (vs. 40ish-minutes currently) routines – and they kicked my butt.  I was dying in my driveway, maxing my heart rate out at Continue reading Pushing It

Insane Improvement

He's Insane.With the exception of Suicide Jumps (aptly named, I might add) I improved in every single category on the Insanity Fitness Test (and I stayed the same on those).  The improvements ranged from 15% (33 Power Jumps to 38) to 121% (13 Push Up Jacks to 30) with an aggregate improvement of 29%.  Not bad for two intense weeks.  What’s more is I managed to keep my commitment to the program for two weeks thus far despite pain, massive amounts of volleyball and a burning hate welling up inside of me with each minute of the workout.

I can see a noticeable difference, as well; my cardio is definitely better and my jeans are now a size too big (thank God for belts).  I’m seeing a Continue reading Insane Improvement

Insanity: The First Week

Excuses. Bah.One week in the books and I’m still alive.

Barely, but still alive.

I really did not think my decision to do Insanity at this point in the year through very well, and that’s blatantly clear right now.  I took an Aleve this morning and I’m pretty sure I heard it laugh and say “SERIOUSLY???” as I popped it into my mouth.  I hurt.

Of course part Continue reading Insanity: The First Week

As Good As I Once Was

Actually, yes I am.Given the title of this post there are about seventy two different ways I could take things but I’m going to go the route nearest and dearest to my heart.

And that would be…(let’s all say it together)…BEACH VOLLEYBALL.

I was listening to some country music, taking a break from perhaps the most awesome Pandora station I’ve ever created (“Africa” by Toto was the catalyst) and this song came on.  I decided right then and there I was going to scrap the other post I was working on and do this one instead.  It’s actually not the overall sentiment that I’m as good (or not) as I once was that convinced me to write this post – it was a particular line in the song Continue reading As Good As I Once Was


Tough Mudder.  Oh yeah.It’s been decided.

We’re doing the Tough Mudder this year. And by “we” I mean me and whomever else wants to have a great time for a great cause which, I assume, would include you.

I had so much fun at the Warrior Dash that I decided there really is no room for debate – it’s time to commit to the next step. But it’s not something you do alone, like running a marathon or a 5k. Even Continue reading Tough

Buck Eighty Seven

I enjoy my barbeque.  Not just making it, but eating it.  Whether it’s the sauce of Gates beef on bun, the sheer size of Arthur Bryant’s beef sandwich with fries or the atmosphere of the original Oklahoma Joe’s (in a gas station…seriously) I’m a sucker for a good brisket or rack of ribs.  Those normally aren’t the problems, though; they’re not exactly the leanest of foods, but I can get through that.  The problem for me comes from my inability not to order – and more importantly pig out on – the french fries that accompany them.  So anytime you see me at a BBQ joint you’re likely to see my face covered in sauce or buried in a plate of negative-nutritional-value Continue reading Buck Eighty Seven