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Lacking Motivation

Aw, how cute.I’m really lacking in the “motivation” department.

Not in general – I have plenty of motivation in most areas of my life.  We’re jamming on all cylinders at work, we had a record-breaking year with Spicy or Mild, I’m level 126 on Defender of Texel.  I’m putting together the framework for the next big mobile game, I’ve read more in the last two or three months than I have in a long time (including Ender’s Game – good read) and although my Continue reading Lacking Motivation

It Strikes Again

Cure CancerI found out on Sunday night that a buddy of mine was diagnosed with cancer.

Now, on the positive side of that coin the diagnosis was just an initial one and he’s headed for a second opinion at a medical center that’s better known for things like that, so it could very well be a missed diagnosis initially and it’s really something much less serious and easier to take care of.

But either way that’s some Continue reading It Strikes Again