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A Great Memorial Day Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I had an absolutely spectacular holiday weekend.  Water (still want to be in it), too much Fireball (still love it), beer pong (still undefeated), some sun (still pasty white), good fishing (still never caught a bass) and a lot of beer (still can’t shotgun one) – all topped off with not-exactly-Thai food.  Great times with good friends – you really can’t beat that combination.

And after this past week it was much needed.

It started on Saturday – I flew home from Grammy’s not-a-funeral service after spending a great time with family (some of whom I haven’t seen in 20 years) and discovering the joy of drinking lighter fluid Continue reading A Great Memorial Day Weekend

Awesome Christmas Card

Since my entire family is scattered to the four corners of the earth (Colleen is in Australia, Peter in Taiwan, Molly in Osawatamie, Logan in Germany, Dad in Derby) we started a new Christmas Eve tradition: Google+ Hangout.

We did that for Dad’s wedding a couple of years ago (Colleen & Peter) and it was pretty neat so we decided to do it on Christmas Eve.   Even with Continue reading Awesome Christmas Card

Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Every Christmas season I get the pleasure of doing a recap of the Kansas City (ish) sports teams.  This is one of my favorite things to do – I get to join my creative (?  I call it “creative”) side with my passion for sports and figure out how in the hell to rhyme words with “Santana” and “purple”.  This always goes on my out of office reply at work (even if I’m not actually out of the office…like this year) and I usually put it on my work voicemail as well.

Here it is, for my Paul Gillespie Experience readers: the 2013 edition of “Twas the Week Before Christmas“.


Continue reading Twas the Week Before Christmas…

‘Tis The Season

One of my favorite pictures of all time.‘Tis the season to be jolly…

You know the rest – it involves a lot of “la”s, Yule stuff and joy.  It’s standard Christmastime fare that’s in every caroler’s repertoire and is played – ad nauseum – on every radio station that plays Christmas songs this time of year.

But for me there’s also a flip side to the season.  My mom’s birthday is on December 4th but we don’t get to celebrate it with her – she died six years ago.  My former boss and friend passed away two years ago about this time.  And shortly after Continue reading ‘Tis The Season