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Happy Memorial Day!

Amen.To the millions of Americans serving our country – God bless each and every one of you and your families.  You’re some of the select few brave enough to put your life on the line so that the United States remains the land of the free.  Thank you and your families for the sacrifice you make; we don’t always thank you like we should but it’s there in our hearts, I promise.

To my friends and family out roaming the River, the Lake or the backyard grill (or wherever you choose to haunt this fine holiday) I hope each and every one of you reading this has a safe a happy Memorial Day.  I hope you enjoy ice cold beverages, juicy burgers and Continue reading Happy Memorial Day!

Happy Cinco de Mayo

Pick one.Somebody get her her meds.  I’m sitting here on Cinco de Mayo appreciating the fact that it got up to sixty degrees.  Not that it was only sixty degrees – that it actually got that high.

Thursday was the first day in May since the ice age (or something like that) that we didn’t get above forty degrees.  Howard cancelled volleyball leagues in the morning – that’s how crazy stupid cold it was.  On the plus side sand sox sales (don’t have some? you need some.  Have some? you need more.) are through the roof.  On the minus side my car has lost 10 mpg because I have to keep it stocked with changes of clothes that fit every single season so I come prepared to the courts.

But regardless of whether Continue reading Happy Cinco de Mayo

The Sport of Christmas Eve

I will try this.  I will.No – this has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas Eve unless you’re me and you’re running around like a psycho trying to find those last-minute Christmas presents that you’ve procrastinated about getting.

In which case make sure you say hi to me if you see me out and about.

I just finished ringing the bell out in front of Macy’s and the sheer number of smiles and “Merry Christmas” greetings Continue reading The Sport of Christmas Eve

‘Twas The Week…

Christmastime...Every year around this time I record “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas – KC Sports Edition” on my voicemail at the office.  I also put the text of it on my Out of Office reply, even if I’m not actually out of the office.  It’s one of my favorite things to do around the holidays and it never ceases to be a HUGE hit.  This year I decided I’m going to put it up on The Paul Gillespie Experience, as well.

So if you’re a sports fan, enjoy.  And if you’re Continue reading ‘Twas The Week…