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I Hate Garage Doors

I hate garage doors. Not “dislike”, not “am not a fan of”; HATE. Pure, unadulterated HATE. What was supposed to be an afternoon’s worth of work and $600 in hardware has turned into $1100 – currently – and my entire weekend…and it’s still not even remotely done.

The problem isn’t (mostly) the door itself – that’s easy.  That’s taking a 7/16″ socket to about a million and a half bolts and screws to attach an untold number of hinges, brackets and roller holders.  That’s pretty easy and didn’t take that long.  Nor did the removal of the old one; once I figured out the best way to do it it was maybe 30 minutes to undo the bolts, let the door fall on me (that hurt) and remove the tracks.

No, the problem is Continue reading I Hate Garage Doors