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Insane Reboot

I get motivated just reading that.I’ve hit this link four times already and I’m still laughing out loud…because it’s so true (especially #10 – #13).  A friend of mine (the one who introduced me to Insanity) sent me this link and it’s absolutely hilarious.  “24 Things That Happen When You Decide To Do The Insanity Program” (found on Buzzfeed) is a pretty dang accurate (and hilarious) representation of the Insanity program.  There are some inside jokes in there but even if you’re not familiar with it you’ll get a kick out of it.

I rebooted Continue reading Insane Reboot

Pushing It

Why no - I'm NOT giving up...Thus completes the sixth week of the (now, since I added two weeks) 11-week course.  As you can tell by my tracker I’m not exactly sticking to the plan of the course, and I’ve only really gotten five weeks completed, taking effectively a week off over the last two for a variety of reasons (two days were somewhat legit – a broken and horribly swollen toe that made walking excruciating – but the last were either “lazy” or “rain”).  I think part of the lazy was also “bored”; I talked with a friend of mine on Friday who’s doing Insanity, too, and he mentioned something about wishing there were more variety, as well.

So yesterday I forayed into the “Max” (second half) of the program – hour-long (vs. 40ish-minutes currently) routines – and they kicked my butt.  I was dying in my driveway, maxing my heart rate out at Continue reading Pushing It

First #FAIL

Epic #FAILOK, maybe not quite as bad as the #FAIL on the left (only from Microsoft…), but one nonetheless.  This morning, for the first time in 3+ weeks, I did not complete every exercise of every set of my Insanity workout.

Up to this point I’ve been doing pretty well.  I haven’t had the consistent speed of exercises and I tend to take longer breaks than the others but I’ve managed to at least do a material number of every single exercise in every single set up to this point, trying to keep the proper form on each one.

However, Continue reading First #FAIL

Insane Improvement

He's Insane.With the exception of Suicide Jumps (aptly named, I might add) I improved in every single category on the Insanity Fitness Test (and I stayed the same on those).  The improvements ranged from 15% (33 Power Jumps to 38) to 121% (13 Push Up Jacks to 30) with an aggregate improvement of 29%.  Not bad for two intense weeks.  What’s more is I managed to keep my commitment to the program for two weeks thus far despite pain, massive amounts of volleyball and a burning hate welling up inside of me with each minute of the workout.

I can see a noticeable difference, as well; my cardio is definitely better and my jeans are now a size too big (thank God for belts).  I’m seeing a Continue reading Insane Improvement