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I like being employedI’m employed, again.

Starting Monday I’m doing contract analysis work at Sprint.  I can’t wait – not just because my bank account will be happier when its balance goes up instead of down, but because I honestly enjoy working and this gig is one I have very little doubt I’m going to like.

I will miss hanging out at Homer’s during the day (which is where I did the vast majority of my freelance work) but it will be good to Continue reading Employed


And the stars aligned.  Or the planets, at least.This week was awesome, Sunday excepted.

Although I got turned down for the job I interviewed for on Monday (which is fine – it was a long-shot and well outside my core expertise) I had an excellent interview on Tuesday and two great ones today (the second being absolutely spectacular – a relaxed, almost conversational interview with two executives; much like the one I had back in December for the gig I turned down).  I also have one on Monday and probably another one Tuesday, followed by a Continue reading Alignment

And the Search Goes On

And the search continues...The career search continues.

I’ve had several interviews at various places; all but one went well (and that one was OK, but not as good as I’d have liked).  I’ve also applied for a few contractor positions – I’m a big fan of temp-to-perm hiring approaches, especially since that’s how I got my professional start 17 years ago (as a contractor for a day working for Sprint).

Three of the positions I’ve interviewed for I didn’t get, but the experiences were positive.  On one I made the decision very difficult – which was positive because I had no experience related to that particular job but still got two interviews and was their second choice.

Right now I Continue reading And the Search Goes On

Batting Averages

I'm going to say that's a solid double in the gap.Nobody’s perfect.

At least that’s how the theory goes.  And by “theory” I mean “reality” – everybody makes mistakes.  Maybe we don’t think something through enough and make a rash decision that wasn’t the right one.  Perhaps we spend too much time thinking about something and miss our opportunity.  We let our brains make decisions our hearts should be making; our hearts make decisions our guts should be making and our guts make decisions our brains should be making.

All in all – we’re Continue reading Batting Averages

The Job Search

Hard work, I tell you...Writing resumes is fun.

It really is.  Thinking back on all my accomplishments is actually kind of fun…although it’s also not exactly the easiest thing to do, either.

I’ve got a number of resumes out there and had a couple of interviews, and at the moment I’m doing some contract work – an absolute blast.  The stuff I really enjoy doing.

And I continue to search for what the next gig is for me.  I’ve run across a number of opportunities that look great – I’m hoping one of those comes through.

That and Continue reading The Job Search