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Twas the Week Before Christmas…

Every Christmas season I get the pleasure of doing a recap of the Kansas City (ish) sports teams.  This is one of my favorite things to do – I get to join my creative (?  I call it “creative”) side with my passion for sports and figure out how in the hell to rhyme words with “Santana” and “purple”.  This always goes on my out of office reply at work (even if I’m not actually out of the office…like this year) and I usually put it on my work voicemail as well.

Here it is, for my Paul Gillespie Experience readers: the 2013 edition of “Twas the Week Before Christmas“.


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The Side Dish Wins

If you understand what the image at the right means you’ll appreciate why my Saturday was just awesome instead of incredibly spectacularly awesome.

Let’s be clear – it was a great weekend, period.  The Mullets Return defended our L2 Tournament title AND won the best costume contest for the second year in a row.  The Missouri Tigers got a nice “Welcome to the SEC” present from Georgia.  And I got some excellent action pictures.

But what would have made it better is K-State not blowing out Miami (I’d taken the Hurricanes + 6.5 in the friendly pool we have) and – more importantly – Kansas not getting upset by a side dish from a Chinese restaurant.  (now does the picture make sense?  Rice over Kansas.  No apology for the Continue reading The Side Dish Wins