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It’s Got To Go

She's weeping for me... The day has come.

I still have a lot of stuff.  Not necessarily useful stuff – just “stuff”.  And that stuff takes up space; space I’d rather not have taken up for a variety of reasons (not the least of which is anytime I want to find something I will actually use I have to move a small army of stuff just to get to it).  And stuff needs to go – without a doubt.

I try to live by the “six month rule” – if I don’t legitimately use it within six months then I probably need to question keeping it around.  That clearly doesn’t go for anything summer-related since we had something like 13 consecutive months of winter that finally ended these last two weeks or so, but if it’s my stuff in the house I really need to think about finding it a new home.

As such I’m parting with Continue reading It’s Got To Go

Engineering Marvel

I will apologize in advance for the plethora of puns that are inherent in that title. And by “apologize” I mean “not apologize in the least because puns are awesome”.

This weekend was an absolute blast. From Friday at five ‘til Sunday at closing time (to quote a John Michael Montgomery song) it was non-stop good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie. Of course those who know me know that “good times to be had in the land of Paul Gillespie” isn’t exactly something that’s Continue reading Engineering Marvel

Goblins Rule

Labor Day weekend was magic.

Sorry – I mean Labor Day weekend was Magic.  And it was good to me.

Although it didn’t compare to the Kansas City Irish Fest (although to be fair I’m not sure there’s a whole lot that practically could compare to that epic event – make sure you check out my recap in this post) it was definitely one of the better weekends I’ve had as far as Magic is concerned.

It actually started off Thursday night when I decided to play a booster draft in Magic: The Gathering Online.  I did the Avacyn Restored draft (not the latest set, but the one before it).  It was my first foray into MTGO and I completely screwed up the first two games (losing both).  And when I say “screwed up” I mean Continue reading Goblins Rule

What A Weekend.

Sometimes the best weekend start in the worst ways.

Friday I took the day off.  Sort of.  Or supposed to, anyway.  Instead I ended up in the office for half the day (but in jeans and a t-shirt) and was on one of what I’ll call the worst escalation calls I’ve had the opportunity to be on.  Then I spent a little time after a nice lunch at Gates running a few errands before it was time to head to Friday Night Magic at Spanky’s.  My draft wasn’t nearly as good as I’d hoped, and I ended up playing a blue-green deck that I managed to pull off one game win on although, honestly, I probably would have at least one more win if I’d stuck around until the end of the third round.

But I didn’t, because Continue reading What A Weekend.

A Safe Place

Do you have a safe place?

A place you can go to when you can take a break?  Where you can hit the pause button on all your troubles for a little while and pretend everything is peachy-keen?  A place where the people are just happy you’re there and your circumstances are completely irrelevant?

I have several myself which comes in very handy when things go so crazy that it’s either find a (productive) release or Continue reading A Safe Place

Friday Night Magic (Part 3)

In the first related post I talked about why I enjoy playing Magic: The Gathering.  In the second post we did a quick rundown of gameplay and talked a little bit about why different creatures have different value.  In this last post we’ll talk about some of the strategy (the fun stuff) beyond just sending creatures to attack your opponent.

Before we get there, though, I would be remiss if I Continue reading Friday Night Magic (Part 3)