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A Few Of My Favorite Things

I am going to apologize to you in advance for what follows.

Not this post – this post is a good post – but what immediately follows this particular paragraph. If you’re the inquisitive type you’ll have already read what lies next and are shooting daggers at me right now; the rest of you will be cursing me right about now because you know – no matter how hard you try – that you will not be able to stop reading until you know what horrible curse I’m going to bestow on you.  My apologies in advance…now keep reading. Continue reading A Few Of My Favorite Things

When 1-6 Is Goodness

If I told you the Chiefs were 1-6 you’d be upset – that’s a sure record for missing the playoffs…again.  If Billy Butler was 1-6 that would be a slump (and unfortunately both Alex Gordon and Lorenzo Cain are both hitting worse than that – .160 and .133, respectively – with Eric Hosmer barely above that at .173).  And if I said on a seven question test you only got one answer right I suspect you’d be less than pleased with that result.

It’s hard to look at 1-6 in most sports or situations in life and be happy with it.

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