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Learning on Two Wheels

This is what my baby looks like.I’m sitting at my favorite coffee shop near the Lake of the Ozarks (Omega Coffee) sipping on macchiato right now after a roughly 2-hour motorcycle ride down here.  Along the way I discovered that I really like taking a roadtrip on my Shadow 750.

First, I have no idea how long I’ve been riding.  My sense of time estimates is roughly equivalent of a 3 year-old; I might have been writing this particular post for 4 minutes or 3 hours – I just don’t know.  (ok, it’s Continue reading Learning on Two Wheels

Real Life Lessons In Math

Motorcycle + deer + 50 miles per hour is not an equation that has a positive outcome for either party involved. Yet that’s math that a friend of mine found himself in the middle of this past weekend on the way to volleyball. Luckily he survived the abrupt lesson in physics; the deer didn’t.

Considering I’m working on getting my motorcycle license that was quite a wake-up call. Not that riding a motorcycle can be dangerous (I already knew that) but that Continue reading Real Life Lessons In Math