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Double Features

I love this thing.I absolutely love drive-ins.  I can get my entire family in the door for $50 ($10/person over 11) to see two first-run movies and not have to worry about signing over an entire paycheck for a box of Skittles and a large Coke.  Plus if the first movie is good enough (read: Shrek, the best animated movie ever created) then on the weekends I can watch it again – so three movies for the price of one in the theaters.

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A Weekend of Movies

The worst review I could ever give a movie is walking out of it.  The first movie I ever did that with was “The Crying Game“.  I decided after about 30 minutes that even if someone gave me a ticket to the movie I had better things to do with two hours of my life.

All told I’ve only walked out of maybe half a dozen movies; they were either too stupid (and that bar is pretty low – “Dumb and Dumber” is one of my favorite movies of all time) or I simply didn’t get them (like “The Piano“) – apparently I don’t share the same tastes as those critics who gave out acclaim.  Fair enough; don’t care; it’s my time, not theirs.

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