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What We Were (Supposed To Be)

Wimping out, are we?I’d like to congratulate myself:

Paul Gillespie is now head of computer technology at NASA and will be directing the first manned flight to Mars from ground control.

I know, that comes as a bit of a surprise to many regular readers of The Paul Gillespie Experience, not the least of which is myself (yes, I enjoy reading my own blog, much like I amuse myself sometimes; deal with it – that’s just who I am).  Considering I hadn’t Continue reading What We Were (Supposed To Be)

Just Characters In A Story

Requiem Angel - what's her story?I like to write.

You probably already gathered that if you’ve hung around The Paul Gillespie Experience for any period of time.  I don’t necessarily have to have a topic in mind when I start – just throw me a word, a phrase, a conversation, a situation or whatever and I’ll go from there.  Witness: pretty much any post here on the blog.

Besides this blog I have several others I pen (or am part of, at least).  I also like to write short stories, although admittedly Continue reading Just Characters In A Story


Not THAT kind of block.Ever have one of those days (/weeks/months) where you just feel disjointed in certain areas?  Like things don’t click and you can’t seem to connect Point A to Point B to Point C?

I’m having one of those, at least as it pertains to The Paul Gillespie Experience.  I have lots of stuff going on, to be sure – I just can’t make a connection to post.  I’ve drafted three different posts this week but deleted them all because they just weren’t what I was after.

So what did I decide to do?  Post about having writer’s block.  Yup – that’s how I roll.

Anyway, of note we just got a shipment of Sand Socks in (including a bunch of the hot pink ones), the Continue reading Block

The Danger of Music

And sharks.  Sharks are CLEARLY trouble.I told myself long ago I would never start off a blog post with “<so and so> once wrote/said“.  To me that’s something you start a speech off with, not something you begin a conversation on.  And since a blog – or at least my blog – wasn’t supposed to be anything but a conversation then being all speech-y about it was just inappropriate.

Back then I was young(er) and naive(er) and didn’t realize that The Paul Gillespie Experience – and blogging in general – really combines the best of everything.  As such I think I’ll go ahead and forgive myself for what I’m about to say.

[which technically is no longer at the start so maybe I’ve nothing to forgive myself for?  but I digress]

James Baldwin (author of “Go Tell It On The Mountain”) once wrote “You think your pain and your heartbreak are unprecedented in the history of the world, but then you read.”  Anyone Continue reading The Danger of Music

Under Pressure

Sometimes being redlined is the best way to go...No, I’m not going to sing or quote some David Bowie and Queen (you can go to this post, this post or this post if you want song stuff…although the song with the same title IS a great one…).  I was just driving down I-35 this afternoon on my way to visit my Dad in Wichita(ish) in the midst of one of Mother Nature’s famous Kansas “I can’t make up my mind” storms and the topic came up in my mind.

(For those of you unaccustomed to Kansas allow me to define one of those storms for you: a little sleet, a little snow, some rain, a break, some more snow, maybe a roof off a barn or two, some horses and then a gentle mist followed by an appearance by a witch on a broomstick or a dog in a bike basket.  All in the span of 15 miles, I might add.)

 As tends to be normally the case when I’m driving alone I talk to myself.  And when I say “talk to myself” I am referring to “having a conversation, out loud”, although I do stop Continue reading Under Pressure

Ripping Off The Band-aid

Ripping Off The Band-aidIt hurts.

There’s no denying that it hurts, but as long as the band-aid that you’ve got over your wound isn’t made with super-glue for adhesive ripping off the bandage is likely going to provide a better result than leaving it on.  In the long-term, anyway.

The kicker is even though we all know this (or almost all of us, anyway – you know who you are, exception) we still hem and haw, stall and overthink it.

This is especially true if Continue reading Ripping Off The Band-aid