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The Five

I failed biology.

OK, technically I didn’t – my teacher (Mrs. Howk) was far too good at what she did to let any of us fail – but I have to (sadly) admit that I don’t remember much about the ins and outs of cellular migration, enzymes or the thermodynamic nature of the coefficient of friction (which might not even be a biology thing – I just don’t know).  Give me numbers or words any day of the week – keep me away from Continue reading The Five

Is Your Grass Greener?

If you look out the window of your house / apartment / condo / mansion / whatever is your grass greener in color than it was a few months ago?  Or has it succumbed to the cruel realities of weather and turned into that crunchy brown mess that even moles won’t dare venture into?

What about your neighbor’s?  Do the Joneses on either side of you keep their grass greener?  Were they able to weather the storm that was the summer (or winter, depending on which hemisphere you reside in) in better shape then you were?

Are you Continue reading Is Your Grass Greener?

Is Happiness Overrated?

Let me level-set this post by saying this: I am pro-happiness.

 (thanks to The Ghost for getting me on this pro-* kick)

I am one of the biggest fans in the whole wide world of being happy and all the wonderful things that are directly and indirectly associated with such a state of being.

But I wonder sometimes, is happiness overrated?

I don’t mean that on some deep philosophical level, either.  I mean in real, practical, feet-on-the-ground life, do we place too much value on happiness?  If I look at the world today we talk a good game about being happy and how important that is, but then we go back and live our lives in the mundane.  So in that sense I think it’s fair to say Continue reading Is Happiness Overrated?

The Fine Line of Thinking

I’ve got a thinking problem.

I think that’s actually a country song of some sort, but that’s not what I’m talking about.  What I’m talking about is going over/underboard on the whole “thinking” proposition.  I had a good (short) conversation with a friend of mine this week that furthered some of my thoughts.  More on the general topic later, but for now suffice it to say the timing of that out-of-the-blue conversation was pretty good.

So here’s the question.   Continue reading The Fine Line of Thinking

I Did It!

It’s all about how you define success.

I have managed to stay away from talking extensively about myself to a public audience for – get this – 70 days. That’s two months, 10 days. Basically since I threw my two cents in on the New Orleans Saints victory in the Super Bowl. Let’s mark that down as success.
Now, granted, I wasn’t actually trying to do that, but it happened anyway, so I’m going to claim it as success. Because that’s the awesome thing – it’s not always about what you determined was success at the outset, but rather what you determine was success in hindsight.