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Tough Mudder.  Oh yeah.It’s been decided.

We’re doing the Tough Mudder this year. And by “we” I mean me and whomever else wants to have a great time for a great cause which, I assume, would include you.

I had so much fun at the Warrior Dash that I decided there really is no room for debate – it’s time to commit to the next step. But it’s not something you do alone, like running a marathon or a 5k. Even Continue reading Tough

Run Away

No, that's not me in the front...but you know it COULD be.A friend of mine asked me last week why I decided to take up running.  I never really thought about it before that, honestly – I just kind of did.  I knew I needed to get into shape (my Dad warned me that when you hit 30 your metabolism pretty much throws itself into reverse…and like most things I’ve learned he was right) and while I play 20+ hours of volleyball a week that’s short-spurt cardio – it’s hard-and-fast for maybe twenty seconds for a point and then you stop.  And that’s in doubles; when you’re in sixes it’s far less than that on average.  I found that despite my extensive (obsessive?) volleyball playing I was still not shedding pounds, nor was I putting on the muscle that would explain that in a way I wanted it to or gaining stamina.

Plus I only get that for six months out Continue reading Run Away

Worthy Goals

Goal: Achieved.Yesterday was one of those awesome days.

You know the kind I’m talking about – the ones that you wish you could just hit the “repeat” button on and do all over again.  If you don’t know the kind I’m talking about then get out and live a little – life’s too short not to have those kind of days.

This weekend was chock full of goodness on the calendar.  Thursday night was the Chiefs draft party; Friday night was scheduled to be the First Annual South Kansas City Beer Mile; Saturday combined the Warrior Dash (morning) with the “We Dig Sherwood” sand volleyball tournament at Volleyball Beach (afternoon); Sunday caps the weekend with at least six hours of volleyball (a challenge match followed by five hours of league play…and with the weather cooperating maybe a late night of batting the ball around).

So let’s start with Continue reading Worthy Goals