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My Next Shopping Trip

And yet another reason I love The Chive.

Between the article on the left here, Operation Stock Photo Swap (yes, as good as it sounds) and the angry goose (even better than it sounds – I was rolling) there’s nothing but good times to be had.

And yes, The Chive – probably the best site in the world – is safe for work.  Let me repeat: The Chive is safe for work.  Unless you live in a Communist enclave where humorous things are frowned upon you’re fine.  I mean come on – only Hansel and Gretel wouldn’t laugh at this picture.

The Chive: Safe For Work

OK, so I’m doing a quick follow-up on a previous post I did:  “Is The Chive Safe For Work“.

Because I discovered something rather, shall we say, surprising last month when I decided to try my luck with the content filters we use here at the office and hit TheChive.com.  I was fully expecting the alarm bells to go off and the content police to be banging down my door.  It’s not that it’s a bad site (there are no naked women or promises of organ growth).  But I’m not sure I’d let my six year-old peruse the site since I’m trying to protect him from real life for as long as I can.  After all, we’re talking about a site that has days like:

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Why I Love The Chive

Tell me that’s not hilarious.

I was glad I was still sitting in the parking lot when I saw this one this afternoon on the DAR (Daily Afternoon Randomness) on the Chive; if I had been drinking or walking or something I would have likely injured myself.  And heaven knows I don’t need any help injuring myself – I have a natural talent of being able to do that.

I absolutely love the Chive.

It’s funny.  It’s beautiful.  It’s motivational.  It’s entertaining.  It’s mind-blowing.  It’s probably the best site in the world (that’s their tag line…and pretty dang accurate).  Thus far this week it’s been a cottage in the Himalayan mountains, famous brands transposed on condoms, ridiculous signs, cats wearing hats and smuggling hummingbirds.  And that’s just five posts out of bunches that appear every day.

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Being Motivated

I love The Chive.

I love it so much I’m sure people think somehow I’m financially-linked to how many hits they get.  Not so – it’s just such an awesome site that I can’t help but love it.  And so I write about it.

So on Tuesday I was cruising through it and I ran across a post entitled “A little inspiration goes a long way“.  Now, normally when I see a title like that I expect something along the lines of, say, this motivational poster.

But not Tuesday.

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