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Top 10%

The art of an elegant setLosing is never the goal but sometimes it’s the outcome anyway, despite your best efforts.

That was the case on Saturday for Team Angie (I’m sure we had an official name, but I’m also sure it’s appropriate to name after our fearless captain) out at the Volleyball Beach Spring Tournament of Champions.  After a great comeback (both in games and in pool play) we fell in the final round to take home the pride of second place.

When you put it in context of 20 teams in the pool that’s not bad at all – it’s the top 10%.

It’s further improved by Continue reading Top 10%

One By One…

Winners!It was awesome.

By the time 9:30 rolled around the Sandy Six Nines washed the sand off our feet, raised our glasses and toasted a tournament win with a round of Georgia Peaches.

Cynthia, Matt, Kendra, Darren, Jenny and I (and, of course, Sammy) started playing at 3pm on the purple court and finished about six and a half hours later with a decisive best-of-three win on the white court.  In between there was some monster net play, some great digs awesome sets and powerful hits.  There was also a serving competition, Sammy being voted King of the Beach and some hula-hoops (and only a little bit of drama).

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BAM!I love beach volleyball.

This is not news to anyone who knows me (and if you don’t know me, just page through some of the posts when you click on the “beach volleyball” tag in the lower right of the screen – you’ll catch on pretty quickly).  If you ask me how my weekend was during the six months in Kansas City when the weather isn’t defined as “stupid cold” the chances are the answer will involve beach volleyball, and the words “awesome”, “spectacular”, “incredible” or something similar will be the adjectives attached to it.  On Saturdays I play in basically every tournament that I can out at Volleyball Beach and on Sundays I get to play with some Continue reading On FIRE!

Worthy Goals

Goal: Achieved.Yesterday was one of those awesome days.

You know the kind I’m talking about – the ones that you wish you could just hit the “repeat” button on and do all over again.  If you don’t know the kind I’m talking about then get out and live a little – life’s too short not to have those kind of days.

This weekend was chock full of goodness on the calendar.  Thursday night was the Chiefs draft party; Friday night was scheduled to be the First Annual South Kansas City Beer Mile; Saturday combined the Warrior Dash (morning) with the “We Dig Sherwood” sand volleyball tournament at Volleyball Beach (afternoon); Sunday caps the weekend with at least six hours of volleyball (a challenge match followed by five hours of league play…and with the weather cooperating maybe a late night of batting the ball around).

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The Way It’s Supposed To End (Almost)

Have you ever watched a movie all the way through only to be disappointed by the ending?  You’re all emotioned-up and then the final scene just sucks everything that was good about it right out of it.  You can’t remember any of the great one-liners, you’ve forgotten the incredible sensuous love scene and the special effects were erased from your mind all because you can’t wrap your head around how horrible the ending was.

This weekend’s Tournament of Champions out at Volleyball Beach (where else?) was Continue reading The Way It’s Supposed To End (Almost)

On All Fours

It was cold on Saturday.

And by “cold” I mean I heard rumor Howard (the fine proprietor of Volleyball Beach) had a zamboni on standby to clear the sand, but luckily the sun made a (brief) appearance and cleared it enough to play.  And I’m not joking.

OK, yes I am – but it was still cold.

I want to say the high actually hit something with a “5” in front of it but I’m not going to guarantee that, although I will guarantee it didn’t start off that way. I think I saw a few snowflakes flying in the opening game of the nine we played (three per match; three matches).

That would have Continue reading On All Fours

Playing Volleyball To Remember

The final charity tournament of the year has come and gone.  The Volley to End Alzheimer’s was Saturday, although it seems like just yesterday I wrote this post for the Volleyball Beach blog about the charity season getting underway.  In fact I just saw a post on Facebook (you do like Volleyball Beach, don’t you?) that we’re about three weeks away from the last day of the Fall Season, which means we’re about three weeks away from me breaking down in tears and sobbing because I will have to wait five months before we’re back on the beach.

But I digress, because Continue reading Playing Volleyball To Remember