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Taking A Second Look At Boobs

Yes, a completely cheap title, but how many of you checked out this post just because of it?  Welcome to Marketing 101.

Don’t worry – this isn’t a porn post; I’m not sure anyone has any desire to see pornography coming from me anyway (although PaulGillespie.xxx is apparently available as a domain…) and that’s just not my style – I’m more about having fun and good content instead of faking things and fake things.

But seriously, this Saturday was all for Continue reading Taking A Second Look At Boobs

Just A Second

Second place isn’t bad.  Especially not in the Volleyball Beach Tournament of Champions.  And certainly not for a quads team in a six-man power bracket.

After a grueling six hours of beach volleyball last night we ended up taking runner-up to “All That” in the Spring season’s championship tournament.  It was a hard-fought battle, and all ten of us on the sand played hard, but ultimately when the night came to an end we dropped the third game of the match 15-11, giving us the silver medal.

The evening started off Continue reading Just A Second

Sun, Sand and Support

It may take a village to raise a child, but it only takes one person to destroy that same child by bringing them into the world of sex trafficking.

Luckily this weekend the One By One Project helped make a dent in that destruction with their first annual Spike Trafficking beach volleyball tournament.

With over 230 players and a whole host of volunteers coupled with the always-awesome staff at Volleyball Beach, the crew that put this tournament together made a tremendous effort to help get Kansas City off the “top cities for sex trafficking” list.

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And Tourneys Begin

Dehydration never felt so good.

OK, not really – I kept myself pretty hydrated, but even so playing in the 90-degree, 300% humidity my legs were like jello by the last match of pool play at Saturday’s first-of-the-season quads tournament out at Volleyball Beach. But it’s all good – it was beach volleyball, and it was with and amongst friends. I’ll take that trade-off any day of the week.

The team we fielded was the four partners of Spicy or Mild – Michele, Maria, Rob and myself.  That happens to be the same team from the first tournament of the year last year (where I got nailed – remember this post?). Spicy or Mild – the company I have the honor of running with those three others – sponsored us and even equipped us some t-shirts to advertise with (similar to what’s on the post pic to the left). Despite the fact we hadn’t played together since the first tournament last year, Rob ran the Warrior Dash in the morning and Maria hadn’t picked up a volleyball in a year we had high hopes for making a run in the intermediate division.

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Kudos In Order

I want to say kudos to Chickenscratch (my awesome long-time sand volleyball team) for our play in the tournament of champions today.  Although we dropped in quarters we did enter the tournament after taking 1st place in the fall season for 7:15 Tuesdays and ended up 2nd seeded after pool play.  It’s always a blast playing with y’all – can’t wait for spring season to roll around.  I’m all about repeating. 🙂

Great job Lisa, Drew, Michele, Mike, Julie, Dean, LeNora and Robb!

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Leaving It All On The Court

I learned something this weekend at volleyball.

Played in the Engineers Without Borders sand volleyball tournament out at Volleyball Beach yesterday.  I didn’t play with any of my “normal” teams (none of the seven different teams I play on during the week) and instead decided to piece together a team to play, figuring it would be a good time and a chance to have fun without any of the pressures of being “expected” to win (I’m blessed to play on some pretty good teams).  Sara, who’s run the EWB tournament the last couple of years, does a great job so win/lose/draw it’s always a good time.

So I put a request out on Twitter (you can find me there as @PaulGillespie if you’re on Twitter – and if you’re not you should be!) for some teammates.

I did get one response – I’m not sure how many of my 185 followers live in Kansas City – that Continue reading Leaving It All On The Court