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There was no repeat for us this weekend.

If you read The Paul Gillespie Experience with any regularity you’ll know that in July there’s a beach volleyball tournament out at Volleyball Beach pretty much every weekend.  And if you know me in the slightest you’ll know that if there’s a beach volleyball tournament I’m playing in it.  And if you know the kind of volleyball we play we’re playing first and foremost to have a good time but a really close second to bring home a first-place finish.

This weekend was no exception – it was the Dive 2 Survive tournament to support the American Cancer Society.  As many people who know me know Continue reading Repeatless

Diggin’ Sherwood

All I can say is it’s going to be good.

The “We Dig Sherwood” sand volleyball tournament is tomorrow, and it’s going to be an absolute BLAST, guaranteed.

Whether you’re out there to play, spectate or drink until you forget (or remember, depending on the topic), you will have a great time if you find yourself sitting on the deck tomorrow evening, watching the excitement that will be the tournament.

There’s really nothing else that needs to be said because:

  • it’s beach volleyball
  • it’s for a great cause
  • there’s beer
  • a friend of mine is organizing it
  • it’s going to be hot outside
  • there’s more beer.  And vodka
  • there are great raffles to be won
  • there’s still more beer, vodka and probably some Captain Morgan
  • it’s at the home of the hottest servers and chemists (Volleyball Beach)
  • it’s at the home of the hottest beach volleyball players in the Midwest (Volleyball Beach)
  • it’s at my home away from home (Volleyball Beach)
  • it’s Saturday so I can drink to my heart’s content (and let someone else drive me home)
  • and there will still be beer, even after the championship trophies have been hoisted

I hope we’ll see you out there – whether you enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage or not it’s going to be a great time to play, and if you’re just donning a pair of sunglasses and kicking back watching you’ll get to watch some great volleyball.  Who knows; maybe you’ll find yourself mentioned in The Paul Gillespie Experience

(post image courtesy of someecards.com – one of the greatest sites in the world [next to The Chive])