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Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, The Finale

Sorry about that – my hands cramped up from writing so much.  I just realized I’ve written nearly the same number of words here in these last two posts as I have on my novel.

But I digress again.  Where was I?

Oh, yeah – I’d asked the security guard where he I could toss the empty beer bottles I’d slammed, expecting Continue reading Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, The Finale

Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, Part Two

Thanks for your patience with part one – nearly 2,000 words and we hadn’t made it halfway through Saturday yet.

After hanging out in the surf for a while we decided to walk along the beach and see if we could find our way to the music fest.  I didn’t plan on staying long there – it wasn’t the type of music I normally listen to – but I wanted to at least see things.  We wandered the beach for probably 15 minutes before we decided to try crossing through the resort to get to where we needed to go.  The nice guard at the entrance gave us directions and, after another Continue reading Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, Part Two

Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, Part One

Blue is one of my favorite colors.

I’m staring at a painting here at Starbucks of a stormy night on a lake.  It’s theme color is blue – a stormy blue that’s so dark it’s almost black but still exudes all the beautiful characteristics of it’s root color.  I have to turn my eyes away from it because it’s quickly losing its beauty.

I’m looking at the beautiful blue that often accompanies “crimson and blue” in a statement about the Continue reading Pre-Thanksgiving Celebration, Part One